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 Teletab works behind the scenes to ensure that apps find success. From app store optimization, user acquisition, app marketing to understanding the user journey and subscription optimization we use data analysis to define the growth strategy that finally connects the dots and brings you a healthy ROI.

App Growth ConsultationUser Acquisition Services


For app marketing we focus on organic and paid acquisition strategies. For organic reach we have ASO App Store Optimization and SEO Search Engine Optimization. For Paid Acquisition we use Apple Search Ads, Google UAC.


We make user acquisition focused on ROI. For us is just as important that your ROI metrics are healthy as it is that you are getting new users. Our keyword research is done with several levels of purchase intent in order to optimize towards ROI.


DATA SCIENCE & analytics

 Data Science and Analytics play a big role in an apps success they are the intel we need into our userbase and how we can understand exactly the strategies we need to implement in order to drive engagement and app monetization.

App Marketing

Great marketing is half your app’s success. We help you get there. Our focus on growth hacking techniques covers Viral Marketing on social media, Organic Growth (ASO and SEO), Paid User Acquisition focused on ROI and paid Burst Campaigns to get your app climbing the rankings and improving the app power. 

Great marketing is intelligent marketing. We connect the dots!

Want to build a userbase? We are app marketing experts.

App growth is all about connecting the dots, we understand the target audience. We bridge the gap between your users and your app.

User acquisition

User acquisition using the best platforms from Google UAC to Apple Search Ads and Social Media. We made ads that convert and focus o A/B testing so you can achieve the lowest CPA and biggest ROI.


ui & ux - user experience

Design matters. You don’t look at the lower shelfs on the supermarket. For apps, design based in the best conversion techniques and user psychology can make or break your app. Good design drives user trust. 


Improving retention on your app can be critical to the apps success. Apps that don’t have good engagement and retention rarely monetize. We have specialized data scientists and marketers focused on improving your app’s retention.

aso - app store optimization

Good App Store Optimization means having data scientists and linguists go through tons and tons of data to find you the best organic opportunities worldwide. Our linguists and data scientists find  them! 


Not all users are equal…

We focus the user acquisition on users that bring you revenue and return on investment (ROI).

We use several strategies from a purchase intent POV to ensure that the users intent is in line with the purchase offers and revenue options your app offers. 

App Growth Hacking

Are You Looking To Grow Your App?

Data Science & Analytics

Our Data Science team specializes in understanding the user engagement metrics and improving app retention.

Knowledge is power. Your users path may be failing, driving user rage or user frustration leaving the user stuck, lost, or not getting what they value. Understanding what is happening inside your app is the key!  We want to drive user trust so the user is driven to subscribe and purchase. Our Data Scientists get you there!

We Take Your Projects Off The Ground

We are passionate about great projects. We help them grow and find an audience connecting them with real people in the real world. Come rise with us!

What Our Clients are Saying

“They did a wonderful job with our app store optimization and search ads. Downloads doubled, revenue doubled.”

Hayden Steele

Founder & Head of Growth , SHOCK: Workouts & Fitness

“Teletab helped us with performance marketing and ASO. They implemented a growth strategy using Apple Search Ads, UAC Google App Campaigns, and App Store Optimization that helped us grow our userbase +3000%”

Dina Joumaa

Vice President of Marketing & Business Development, Fayvo

“Teletab did an excellent job on our app. They helped with ASO, App Launch, Apple Search Ads etc. They managed to increase our number of downloads considerably.”

Ole Brokehus

CEO, Spot The Spy


Some of the clients we have worked with

With more than 7 years of experience in App Marketing and ASO (App Store Optimization), we have worked with clients across several categories: from Fitness, Children’s apps, Language and Education, to Gaming, E-Mobility, Bitcoin and the Reward Space, Finance, Privacy Security, VPN, Email apps and Social Networking. We have helped clients find exponential organic growth worldwide.